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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a nuclear power plant is put on alert in the last because of deadly superstorm sandy the weather has also put election campaigning on hold with fears it could call survival votes. gatherings and supine crackdown on anti-government protests as pressure is with police winds. and britain set for a clash over funding the new struggling members italy and spain insists they don't need.
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thank you for joining our t.v. this tuesday a lot from moscow on karen. well a nuclear power plant in new jersey has been put on alert as waters around the facility are swelling as a result of superstorm sandy a plant's about one hundred kilometers south of new york and was shut down for refueling last week but radioactive material at the site could prove potentially dangerous meanwhile millions were hit by a blackout in parts of new york after a large explosion at a power plant president obama has declared the city a disaster zone at least sixteen people were killed across seven states the gases also hit the race to the white house with both obama and his republican challenger mitt romney suspending their election campaigns a storm could hit obama's chances as well as it might make voting in the traditionally democratic state of new york difficult u.s. political activist tom hayden says sandy could fuel an electoral crisis it's destroying the legitimacy of the election. potentially on the east coast
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early voting is being wiped out in these cities and states the voting of the elderly on the election day the voting of the poor on election day the voting of new yorkers on election day is likely to be diminished through no fault of their own and that will affect the outcome of the election but at the same time it's extremely possible to manipulate the computers so if it's a close election it will be protested and contested as illegitimate for days and days and into the future just as the election between gore and bush. was seen by most americans as stolen that could happen again so we are in for a an electoral crisis i think of a very very profound nature. get live updates on superstorm sandy at our com
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plus our coverage of the presidential race counts down to election day as we take on what the other channels ignore you can watch the final round of debates between the third party candidates right here on our team next monday. governor romney and i we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and you tube you bring it over to have a choice perhaps you wonder who to vote for when romney and obama agree on so many things member you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right here on r.g.p. . florida's have banned all mass public gatherings as clashes between police and protesters the government says the activists are abusing their right to freedom of speech and threaten national unity campaigners happen calling for more rights jobs and better education for
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nearly two years now citing yousif. from the bahrain center for human rights says the continuing crackdown won't stop the on rats but it is illegal and it is unconstitutional they cannot just get people from a pretty good distance how are you going to be a three to a government piece can you guarantee there are just just keep going and we're going to be under martial law and we'll just hold it back again you know there will be a good they did a good and they're going to really be severally every day for freedom and democracy and dignity and what they did they just around the whole area and it was more almost one week and then a siege and they will surround. us and they're all good practice so no one will hear the you. said only most of that year i believe is so they can go to protest i think this is the next day to sell all they're going to attack on
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a daily basis every day in your house collective punishment should think it goes in so they just want to just as and even the government is using them to measure silent to suppress all of this is not going to go back to the people but it will not want people who will still jail if you can i mean even last year in the martial law we were we were protesting now after one year and we have a government killed more than half of the good this done so people in bahrain does not have anything to lose there we continue to be peaceful. a battle over funding for the e.u. is brewing in the u.k. parliament conservative backbenchers are leading the rebellion calling for the cash flow to be cut while prime minister david cameron faces pressure from brussels to increase the u.k.'s contribution contribution in line with inflation explains. prime minister david cameron certainly going to be feeling the pressure this is a rebel motion this being tabled by the tory backbenches and it's going to be in the commons tomorrow and it's certainly as he said going to put david cameron under
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pressure they're calling for a real turn cuts to the budget between twenty fourteen and twenty twenty now the wanted spending to rise by about five percent downing street is that the prime minister supports the rise in line with inflation about two percent but as you can see a real difference is sentiment amongst his own party now he's going to be meeting with the european leaders in brussels in a couple of weeks time negotiations are going to start we've seen labor jumping on the back of this as well it is the conservative motion if they will it won't be binding on the prime minister but it would certainly put him under a lot of stress whilst those negotiations are going on in brussels it could also maybe see he used his veto. with the european leaders and you know germany in particular has been trying to sort of thrash out this compromise this i think going to be putting him under a lot of pressure while an interesting time for britain when it comes to the
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question of the membership might say there was a point in the history of on them because it has britain's place in the being so under question this certainly being the rise of and see feeling austerity measures a very much affecting people we spoke recently to the former conservative chancellor who also he was telling us that there really has been a very significant rise in anti and with good reason for the public for you that there are whole lot of pretty restrictions which come to us from europe for european law which we can't change which you have to go along with even though we ourselves do do agree with them because either to the single currency is a mystery your european economy is a mess. doing before. it is don't particularly inspirational there's a big question where are the year for missing millions going you know all this money going to all these projects and still you know people are facing very very severe austerity measures what people are going to be looking for ahead of david
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cameron going to these negotiations next month and certainly with this rift that we think it is part of a wider rift in the government people want to see leadership from david cameron and they don't want it to come from brussels they want it to come from their prime minister and be talking in their national interest not in your interest in matters are also dividing struggling european nations despite market fears spain and italy are denying claims they'll be seeking aid anytime soon the leaders of both countries are at pains to stress that requesting a bailout is not in the interests of their people who have been vocal in their anger over punishing budget cuts but investment advisor patrick young says it's a pledge they might not be able to keep. we've got the italian and spanish leaders who obviously don't read their own newspapers i mean just to give an example last week the spanish said they would launch an eighteen billion euro from to be allowed the regions by today can top three of the ninth region have claimed their little
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share of the pile and they've already therefore got commitments for seventeen point six billion up to nine regions of space and there are lots of other regions that are bankrupt to go certainly sabean desperately need to be a lot legally will be lucky to escape with one. will good on history as the man who ultimately signed the euro through an unbelievable pig headed obstinacy when he simply refused to appreciate the fact that he'd let his country slip backwards and alternately despite the economy at the moment going towards where it was about nine hundred seventy two when franco was still alive and well. europe's bankers can have a worse reputation right now so do you go to for an alternative i'll come to you with the one man bank he's called dave and he's earning interest in the u.k. for his novel scheme we meet him in a few minutes. plus when the west is rumbles in the arab world why it's more likely to leave a trail of destruction and blaze a trail for democracy that details just ahead.
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horses and bayonets big bird these are the words of internet legend from the two thousand and twelve presidential debates when a candidate says something i did to so much fun to make silly pictures like these on the internet whoa whoa he but the problem is that the person who wins the bait is the one who makes the best argument not he who doesn't make a verbal slip ups people react to these debates like schoolgirls picking prom queen or rummy talked about big bird. howard dean screamed yeah gaffes don't matter that much it matters if the idea is the candidates present are effective or not but more importantly it matters if they will actually do them if a future can't they proposed
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a brilliant economic plan that could save america but instead of saying pennies let the word penis slip or gossip celebrity culture would make him lose the election for sure his opponent's army of photoshop or sort of hundreds of copper fellas is drawn all over the internet by the next day a schoolgirl attitude towards politics won't do anything except make fun internet memes but that's just my opinion. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines conjure reports.
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from. the muslims in belgium say they're gearing up for a campaign to establish an islamic state there a newly formed islam party plans to run in the country's general election and the vote for the european parliament in two thousand and fourteen that's after two of their candidates won seats in regional polls earlier this month that development has left some euro m.p.'s seriously concerned. we see people from it with an islamic background for me there are political parties now and the introduction of
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sharia law in an islamic state in belgium we've always predicted this but. mostly people mainly supported the socialist policies of the leftist parties but now they feel apparently confident enough to make their own party and it's only natural thing that many people are worried if they see elected people in brussels now but it will undoubtedly come in other local places as well when these people you know openly call for the settling of an islamic state you know we are in western europe and many people don't feel at home in a city such people are winning elections and you could say ok it's only one seat in two different communes in brussels but i'm sure this is only the start of something that will only gain in importance. banking malpractise excessive risk taking and bonuses paid for out of taxpayer bailouts it's little wonder that
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people's patience with their banks has run out but it's not the global financial giants where do you entrust your hard earned cash artist laura smith meets one british man thinks he's got the answer. hello thank you. well done thank you dave fyshwick is a cheeky northern charmer he made his fortune selling minibuses in his hometown as burnley but instead of fancy holidays and expensive cars when the credit crisis hit dave wanted to give something back so he decided to open a bank this late two thousand and eight early two thousand and nine my many customers are coming along to me to get funded for their bosses as they are done for the last fifteen years but overnight that just stopped the banks just stopped led to the to the customers and i'm thinking have it done something wrong have they made a mistake of it up again. you know it's not the people that are the problem it's the banks that have the problem trifle well arland of them so that's what it bank
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on dave he says although thanks to extensive red tape he's not actually allowed to call himself a bank and he's keen to differentiate himself from banks in other ways too he offers five percent on savings and he lends that money out to his local community and no bonuses and the profits go to charity. if there just isn't a day in every town more's the pity so his isn't a model which could be rolled out nationwide in its current form but financial experts say lessons can be learnt for a healthier banking system one point is clear and this is a point that the bank makes anyway is that banking has just moved too far away from its roots and its basic need to understand. saving with. highly leveraged against a list of. dates ultimate goal is to bring banking back to its roots no
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more faceless conglomerates where computers and mavericks make the decisions and the one percent pockets unimaginable bonuses instead of local banks for local people run by the community to benefit the community it's not a new idea in fact it's how banking used to be before the megabucks and mega banks stepped in and dave starting to get some political support you have to take save us money and invest in real productive activity to take responsibility for doing it which is not the way the bank currently works in his comic kind of crazy way showing the way to a better banking system which is responsible. in touch with entrepreneurship which i. he could be the basis for going forwards there's certainly got to be some way forward as wave after wave of scandal hits the financial sector banking on dave and
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others like him looks more and more attractive one of the sayings i used a lot of people who rob banks go to prison banks to real people get paid bonuses to stop. o.t. . there are plans for in london venue with a ten thousand strong capacity and but not for a theater it's for a mosque it would be four times the size of st paul's cathedral with locals including muslims fearing it's designed to be a hotbed of extremism we report that online. plus a major withdrawal of us was banking giant. axing the bowels of jobs as it pulls out of the risky investments that have seen its debts explode. with renewed fighting syria's failed temporary truce shows it's a country that's far from solving its crisis while keeping its neighbors on edge but to see what happens after western driven regime change look no further than libya for fear and violence still stock the streets
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a year after what was supposed to be its democratic liberation spotlessly reports syria could be next. things have gone from bad to worse in a region powered by the hope of change not so long in libya one year after the revolution i guess shells and artillery reportedly being used against peaceful civilians they've been on is on the brink of civil war and syria is awaiting by someone. there is a process of another reformatting of the geo political map of the middle east when various players try to secure that geo political position as we consider this counterproductive such measures imposed from outside can never gave a stable long term result. countries in ruins tens of thousands killed and hundreds of thousands maybe fiji's but western nations it seems are still not ready to stop we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we are helping the opposition and to further pressure and isolate the regime seeing syria remove assad
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is a very high priority for us and it's not me a lip service washington and its european allies are assisting the rebels to get rid of assad i'm sure of one thing the syrian regime will never find its place among the community of nations it has no future among us that is why france will recognize a provisional government representing the new free syria once it's been formed off but if assad goes it's almost guaranteed that the carnage will continue. bashar assad protects minorities including the christians that have lived in syria for hundreds of years even the strictest estimates of the situation received from a west european partners says that at least one third of the population still back assad regarding him as a person destined not to let syria turn into a country impossible for minorities to live in. and no more than ever syria's instability threatens the security of neighboring lebanon we here too the u.s.
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has made it supports a new government it was a false hope. the lebanese intelligence officer was killed that murder prompted widespread condemnation and of course for the international community to stay out of domestic affairs a message the international community would do well to heed a phony to prevent the region from forming into from the chaos today we're seeing the western and g.c.c. led counter revolution while at the same time on one hand the west is is proclaiming some kind of backing of people you know rights to self-determination through this arab spring actually what they're doing is unwinding it for them in countries like bahrain in yemen in countries like libya and in syria where the west has acts of ways thought to foment rebellion and force regime change
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a reality fall from the minds of those who once championed spring and what it could bring. time now for more stories from around the while the sour to nato soldiers hampered by a man wearing a local police uniform in afghanistan's helmand province both victims are believed to be british nationals the so-called green on blue attacks are classified as an act of terror by the local government they've claimed the lives of fifty six nato soldiers this year undermining the trust between local and coalition forces. police have fired rubber bullets tear gas and stun grenades at sanct protesting miners in south africa have been offered their jobs back but are refusing until they're paid to nantes are not workers barricaded roads into an iceberg and allegedly set fire to a mine power station south africa's mining industry has been plagued by unrest for months filling a huge blow to the economy. kuwaiti authorities have arrested a prominent opposition figure following
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a news conference at his house also although rock was detained over his criticism of the gulf states ruler which in that country is considered unconstitutional the activists lashed out over a controversial change of electoral law ahead of the december parliamentary home it comes just days before a planned mass rally against the four. opposition parties have given ukraine's ruling party a bruising leaving it with just thirty one percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections the party's coming second and third including that of jailed former premier you tymoshenko are both strong critics of the president if they unite it could hamper president of course his party from securing a majority that won't include the communists though they've refused to join any bloc after being pushed into fourth place. now it's time for a quick business update overseas mitri well thank you karen we're starting with the gas problem it's setting its sights on the asian markets it's now spending around thirty eight billion dollars on
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a new pipeline the country's far east to the first of that money will be spent on development of a gas field in the republic of where the pipeline starts the thirty two hundred kilograms of pipelines expected to be ready. well on the markets investors were not really happy with that news because it needs it means more expenses in general the r.t.s. and the my six have had a bad day today with the of my six declining revenue one percent that's on world prices still being pretty low at around eighty five dollars per barrel and of us is playing it safe ahead of the elections in the united states and to gazprom went down two percent in the session one of the worst stocks not over in europe situations a bit different there now investors pretty excited about what's happening in greece where in the summer as the prime minister said that negotiations with the troika were over the new bailout deal if it's approved that greece is effectively staying within the euro zone so that is uppermost one percent despite an uptick in unemployment and on the concious market we are seeing the euro gaining against the
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dollar on this often is about greece and the fact basically that the damage has not yet been estimated for the u.s. economy from side loading from from the psychosis wreaking havoc on the east and the east coast all right i'm back in fifty five minutes time with a big business update coming up next next guys i will be here to ruffle the feathers of the richest one percent because reporters stay with us. in the glow of russians no from away from civilization and if we are one helicopter
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treat from the nearest village. he's still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer screens. lodging runs in a signal and minutes they also grew up in the to draw but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in a pumpkin bending but still room and they are regions. was planted here as a dancing teacher. was. next to his den since he tells the stories about his mother language.
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laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy had when the ne mainly saw the lichen and marks around bruges gather the tens and move to another pasha they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter we men and children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds in the new songs a similar. match guys are welcome to the kaiser report another demonic armed robber went on
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a loading spray in jefferson county alabama this week. no this time it wasn't actually jamie diamond and we know it was not him because this robber actually jumped off a cliff what remorse or fear or drove him to jump off the cliff who knows but obviously something jamie diamond doesn't know and those are human emotions and he was also arrested stacey however. max yes this is the headline armed robber in demonic mask shoots customer in fleece store with money then falls off the cliff and breaks his back before having leg amputated a man shot a customer who followed him in jefferson county alabama police deputy said i would like to think that maybe he jumped off that cliff because every morse but i can't give him that much credit so two things max first of all my handy little phone here
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auto correct when i write jamie diamond it writes jamie dimon rewrites it to demon so i was thinking maybe that's what happened with this headline here about the demonic mask we had a jamie diamond mask and was just looting or maybe it was jamie diamond. before the robbery and then he escaped you broke his leg and then it was amputated that's correct so. the bankers on wall street or the city of london would be that they are stealing money from folks and we would want them to jump off a building break their leg and be amputated. well jefferson county alabama is bankrupt because of jamie diamond and j.p. morgan selling them interest rate swaps on their sewage system that ended up costing them like many times over what the cost of the sewage system was so perhaps even this man robs some sort of shop because he was broke because he had to pay the sewage fee to jamie diamond but the other thing is the police deputy he would never
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talk like that he did he say this referring to jamie diamond when jamie dimon bankrupted the entire county by tens of millions of dollars i would like to think that maybe he jumped off that cliff because of remorse but i can't give him that much credit why didn't he tell jamie diamond jump. well america's jumping off the fiscal cliff coming up at the end of the year so we're going to have three hundred million people jumping off the fiscal cliff break their leg and then have their legs amputated. well here you know in the u.k. they have a dead cat bounce yeah well you know growth like that in the u.k. here they reported not very intriguing is it because you strip out the one time for the olympics on the comparison with the queen's jubilee they renamed the. uncle ben's tower to. victoria tower something they renamed all the all the major money meant but this is all very anemic it's not really growing much at all the tories are engaging in.


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